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The Conference Fee: 470 Euro

This includes:

  • Coffee breaks
  • Lunch (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)
  • Ice Breaker (Monday)
  • Dinner (Wednesday)
  • Special Events (Tuesday, Thursday)
  • Conference Proceedings

Note: 17th ISIEMS will be exclusively funded by the conference fee and the engagement of German Armed Forces personnel. To run the symposium at this extraordinary venue within this tight budget we do need your binding registration as early as possible, but not later than Friday, September 15, 2017.

There will be no refunds after September 15, 2017 for this reason as well.


Substitution for Attendance

Badges are for the registered attendees and are not to be shared. The substitution of attendees needs to be officially permitted by ISIEMS staff.

Proceedings, Photography

All technical papers will be on a CD-ROM/DVD or USB memory stick and will be distributed during the symposium. Photography and other duplicating technology are not allowed.


If you wish to pay by credit card please contact the Parkhotel Dorint via email.

You will need to provide your credit card details and one time direct debit authorization in order to charge your credit card account.

Note about "NATO sessions"

Some of the technical sessions will be classified „NATO Only“.

In order to attend the “NATO Only” sessions you need to fulfill one of the following requirements.
Eligibility requirements (examples): NATO Member, Cooperating Nations, Defense Agency, Defense Agency Contractor, Government Contractor, Security or Intergovernmental Agreement.

If you wish to attend one of the “NATO Only” sessions please be prepared to show a proper identification of your eligibility during the registration process.

Note about "Special Events"

Pick your preferred day for your favorite social event. Bunker on Tuesday and wine on Thursday or vice versa.

Hinweis für Angehörige der Bundeswehr

Das Symposium ist im Lehrgangskatalog der Bundeswehr mit der Lehrgangsnummer 115672 (Internationales Symposium "Interaktion der Wirkung von Munition mit Bauwerken") aufgenommen. Das Training kann aus technischen Gründen nicht über IAMS gebucht werden. Trainingsplatzanforderungen sind formlos an die fachlich zuständige Stelle BAIUDBw Infra II 2 zu richten. Nach Trainingsplatzzuweisung durch BAIUDBw Infra II 2 erfolgt die Kommandierungserstellung in eigener Zuständigkeit.


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