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Special Events

Besides the Ice Breaker, the Dinner and Coffee Breaks there will be two different Social Events:
  • Wine Tasting
  • German Government Bunker

On Tuesday and Thursday afternoon we offer a wine tasting and guided tour through the (former) German Government Bunker.

Pick your preferred day for you favourite special event. Bunker on Tuesday and wine on Thursday or vice versa.

The Government Bunker

The Government Bunker (Quelle: Dokumentationsstätte Regierungsbunker/Kajo Meyer)Größere Abbildung anzeigen

The German Government Bunker

A portion of the government bunker, former alternate headquarters of the Federal Republic of Germany, was expanded into a museum of the Cold War.

Impressive evidence of past decades and a very interesting insight into the state secret No. 1 has since been presented.

For the Bunker excursion we have 75 spots (50 for English tour, 25 for German tour).

Transportation by bus will be provided.

The cost for an accompanying person will be 9 €. Please pay cash during check in.

Wine Tasting at Dagernova

The Ahr region is Germany’s northernmost wine-growing area with only 525 hectares area. It is the third smallest one. The steep slopes above the river are particularly suitable for growing red wine. This is the reason why wine lovers very much enjoy travelling to the highly praised „German Paradise of Red Wine“.

The winemakers of the Ahr follow the philosophy “Quality instead of Quantity”. Quality is a priority.

After a short guided walk through wineyards (approx. 1 hour) we will have a wine tasting at Dagernova (wine grower) in Dernau.

Transportation by bus will be provided.

The cost for an accompanying person will be 11 €. Please pay cash during check in.


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